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checkRep.R script

This script collects the set of results files generated by analysis.R as specified in the taskTable and generates figures and statistics. The peak parameters are plotted as a function of dilu. If dilu contains the experiment index, checkRep.R can be used to assess the repeatability of an analysis.

Control variables

The job is defined by a few parameters.

taskTable  = 'files_quantification_2019July10.csv'
quantTable = 'targets_paper_quantification.csv'

fit_dim = 2
userTag = paste0('fit_dim_',fit_dim)

const_fwhm = 0.7
area_min   = 10

makePlots = TRUE



Figures summarizing the set of data for all pairs of species and a summary of the mean values and their uncertainty are generated.

Presently, the plots are generated in the Rstudio interface, but not saved to disk.

Checkrep plot for a repeatability analysis

Mean values and uncertainties for a repeatability analysis


The name of the file is a concatenation of the date, time, userTag, and ‘_compilation.csv’. It contains all the collected results, with the following additions:


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